About the Venue

OurUnique Past

Built in 1891 by T.L Brown and J.E. Perkinson, Cottontail started out as a tobacco exchange and warehouse under the name of Danville Storage and Inspection Co. At the time, it was the only establishment in the city to sell tobacco based on inspected samples, rather than by auctioning entire crops from the warehouse floor. The building was later sold to Liggett and Myers, whose names can be seen on the corner stone of the building. Liggett and Myers held the property from 1930 until 1970, using it again as a tobacco warehouse, until it was sold to Davis Storage.

In the present day, Cottontail has taken great care in preserving the character of the building, while making it accessible for modern-day guests. It is a balance of the new and the old, with convenient amenities and elegant new-age decor contrasting the dark wood and warehouse doors.

Come experience the decades of history preserved in the original pinewood floors and brick walls—and make some new memories of your own with an event at Cottontail.

Cottontail is owned and operated by Shelly and Matthew Switick. In 2014, Shelly and Matthew casually dreamed about starting their own business; 83 property visits and three homes later, the couple settled back in Shelly's home town: Danville, VA. They structured their business around the hospitality and simplicity that they enjoyed during their own wedding at Starlight Meadows in Burlington NC.  With great appreciation they wish to recognize the generosity and friendship of Jeremy Oehling as well as the love and support of Sandy Pruitt, Kevin Switick, and Judy Switick. Additionally they would like to thank Mariah of Mariah Springs Photography, Brown Florist, and Courtney Leggett for the beautiful styled photos of Cottontail on this website.

About UsMatthew and Shelly Switick

Hello! Shelly and I are so happy you are looking through our website and we hope that you find everything you need – but if not than don't worry, just give us a call and we would be happy to fill in any blanks. We really pride ourselves on providing a caring and top quality service for all of our clients.

Back in 2014 Shelly and I were dreaming out loud together about opening our own wedding venue. I of course thought we were just dreaming– but Shelly was actually making plans. Reaching out to our now good friend Jeremy Oeling of Starlight Meadow, Shelly set in motion what became Cottontail!

Danville is not new for us, while we had been living in North Carolina for several years, Shelly was born and raised in Danville. It seemed fitting that we began this exciting new adventure in Shelly's hometown which is in its own way beginning its own adventure. The river district is changing in so many positive ways, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Beyond Cottontail, Shelly and I are proud new parents of our son William. Shelly is an exceptional dog trainer and plays Flyball (a dog sport) with our four dogs.

I enjoy studying kung fu and learning to work wood with old style hand tools.

We cant wait to learn more about you and your event!


Come experience the unique beauty that is the historic River District. Step back to an age of brick, mortar, and tobacco with beautiful photo opportunities aound each corner. Just across the way, cobble stone streets and canopies of glass windows make the perfect setting for your romantic photos. A short walk will bring you to the old rail bridge spanning the Dan river, now a pedestrian walkway. 

The River District is the location of many exciting restaurants, nature walks, coffee shops, and retail locations - all within walking distance from Cottontail. Everything you need for your event and out of town guests is within reach: hotels, wine shops, drycleaners, shopping and just a short 5 min away from hotels.

CateringPrep Kitchen

It's the little things that matter, and no where is that more true than in the kitchen. 

A two way swinging door, localized thermostat, counter space, outlets at counter height, commercial fridge, and a freezer capable of holding 400lbs of bagged ice.

This all means that your caterer can spend less time preparing their area and more time preparing a wonderful meal.